10 HTML5 Resources to Master Your Web Development

With HTML5 browser adoption on the way, you might want to brush up your HTML5 skills with the following resources. 

  • HTML5 specifications
  • HTML5 references
  • HTML5 browser support

HTML5 Specs

1. HTML5 Specification at W3

Naturally, the HTML5 specification from W3 is the first resource anyone serious about learning HTML5 should consult. This version of the specification introduces new features to help Web application authors and new elements, based on research into prevailing authoring practices. Also, special attention has been given to defining clear conformance criteria for user agents in an effort to improve interoperability. Read the W3 HTML5 specification.

2. HTML: The Markup Language

This document describes the HTML markup language and provides details necessary for producers of HTML content to create documents that conform to the language. By design, it does not define related APIs, nor attempt to specify how consumers of HTML content are meant to process documents, nor attempt to be a tutorial or “how to” authoring guide. Learn more about the HTML5 markup language.

3. HTML5 Reference: A Web Developer’s Guide to HTML 5

This document provides a comprehensive rundown of the various commands to use when building HTML5 pages, while giving some practical examples on how to use them. .

4. HTML5 differences from HTML4

This document gives developers an in depth look at the major differences between HTML5 and its predecessor HTML4, while highlighting new unique features. This document also provides information on HTML elements that have been removed from HTML5. Discover HTML5 Differences from HTML4 and unique HTML5 features..

5. HTML Design Principles

A must-have document that discusses new design guiding principles for development of HTML5. Discover design issues that are pertinent with HTML5. Learn more about HTML5 Design Principles used by the HTML Working Group.

HTML5 References

6. W3schools.com HTML 5 Tag Reference

Keep plugging away with HTML5 with this handy HTML5 reference from W3Schools. Become better at web development using the HTML5 reference at W3Schools.

7. HTML5 Glossary

This online dictionary provides a quick and reliable definition of HTML5 terms or tags. Study the HTML5 glossary to understand what’s said about HTML5.

8. HTML5 Cheatsheet

A handy cheat sheet that lists all available HTML5 tags and tag attributes into an easy to use format. Browse the sheet to quickly locate a particular tag and read more about it. The chart is printable for use when you are offline. Use an HTML5 cheatsheet to stay up-to-date with HTML5 easily.

HTML5 Browser Support

9. Web Designer’s Checklist

This table allows you to see which browsers support HTML5 web applications. See, which browsers support HTML5 web apps.

10. When can I use…

A good reference tool that enables developers to know different approaches on browser compatibility. This tool features a selection list of modern web technologies and reports which browsers support HTML5 applications. Learn which HTML5 apps and CSS3 properties and values you can use in different browsers.