8 Things all Designers must Learn

As the web standards continue to increase, new technologies and techniques arise, which increases clientele expectations for what a designer can bring forth. Whether be it fancy gradient effects, attention to detail, or mesmerizing illustrations, there is always that expectation a client wants for what they envision for their design. Furthermore, we discuss eight things

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Pure CSS3 Checkboxes

link to playground Elegantly developed CSS3 checkboxes that requires no JavaScript. HTML HTML <h1 class=”title”>Pure CSS Custom Checkboxes</h1> <ul class=”unstyled centered”> <li><input id=”styled-checkbox-1″ class=”styled-checkbox” type=”checkbox” value=”value1″ /> <label for=”styled-checkbox-1″>Checkbox</label></li> <li><input id=”styled-checkbox-2″ class=”styled-checkbox” checked=”checked” type=”checkbox” value=”value2″ /> <label for=”styled-checkbox-2″>CSS Only</label></li> <li><input id=”styled-checkbox-3″ class=”styled-checkbox” disabled=”disabled” type=”checkbox” value=”value3″ /> <label for=”styled-checkbox-3″>A disabled checkbox</label></li> <li><input id=”styled-checkbox-4″ class=”styled-checkbox” type=”checkbox” value=”value4″