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Web Development Hourly Consulting Rates(cuanto nos estan explotando??)

Web Development Hourly Consulting Rates The following are typical rates for professional web development staff for projects on an hourly basis without a contract. For larger projects, a portion of the work can be sent offshore to be developed at lower cost. Creative Service Rates Web Development Services Rate/Hour Description of Services Performed Intern/Student $20

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Pure HTML5 & JavaScript Game


Biolab Disaster – Pure HTML5 & JavaScript

Dominic Szablewski put together an incredibly impressive demonstration of what he’s able to pull of with pure HTML5 and JavaScript with the game Biolab Disaster.  Although the graphics and gameplay are on par with what you’d expect out of the NES in the early 1990s it still shows the bright future for in-browser games and applications.

Read more about Biolab Disaster and the Impact HTML5 Game engine on Dominic’s blog.