Drupal Camp Costa Rica 2017

I was lucky enough to participate as speaker in a conference at Universidad de Costa Rica this weekend, The DrupalCamp Costa Rica. As everyone knows I am WordPress evangelist but I also like the open source projects so i was very happy to be able to share some of my experiences. My talk was about CSS trends and good practices on 2017 as well as checking some web design trends such as:

  1. Mobile-first Approach and why code for larger screens is usually more complicated than the codes for smaller screens. Create media queries for larger screens help to simplify your code.
  2. Emphasis on Key Ideas, get your main call to action big, use bold type, get more open space, animations and textures is more common every day. Why the market is avoiding slider or auto-forwarding carousels as this techniques annoy users and reduce visibility, usability and conversions.Making the user lose control, creating banner blindness or affecting usability as low-literacy users often read slowly.
  3. Geometric Shapes, Lines, Patterns and how in the past everything in CSS used to be rectangular and how to create circles, polygons or shapes modifying edges or images, however now, with properties like clip-path, you are allowed to use those new geometric forms.
  4. Flat and Material Design. In the past designers changed from skeuomorphism to flat design (Apple) and now all evolved to the material design. How material design allows you to take advantage of CSS properties like shadows, borders, opacity and animations to recover some of the volume that objects have in real life. And in the other hand, i mentioned how the design material counts with well detailed guidelines which leaves no details adrift.
  5. Module or card design with the new properties of flexbox and grid CSS.

After that, we checked some new tools or plugins as Browser Sync, Critical CSS, the CSS clip-path property, SVG vrs Iconfont, CSS modules, CSS layouts (flexbox,Grid CSS) and the new postCSS with the CSS Next plugin.

By the end of the first day I was invited to the pre-party organized by paralleldevs and weKnow. We talked about community, accesibility, inclusion, code, WordCamps, Drupalcon, awesome parties, new possible meetup groups on Puntarenas and I had the chance to share with some new and old friends.
Megan Sanicki Executive Director of the Drupal Association
We adressed how WordPress has this amazing organization to help the community with programs such as meetup and WordCamps, also about new widgets and tools for the community as the one that promotes local events on the WordPress Dashboard.
Alain Martínez, president of the Drupal Association on Costa Rica, Enzo and Kenny leaders on the drupal community, Leo Jiménez from the UCR software libre, MR Anthony, Danny Mora, Daniel creator of the drupalCamp app , Mauricio Dinarte from Nicaragua, Ana Laura Coto from Bac, etc. I  think it was an very exciting day and i am very thankful for the invitation.

My Slides:

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